Testing procedure1



IV-characteristics and IPCE testing of devices and modules:

  • Device active area definition by LBIC system
  • I-V characterization under standard reporting conditions (SRC)

Stability testing of devices and modules under ISOS* test conditions:

  • Real-Time Outdoor Ageing (ISOS-O-3)
  • Shelf life testing (ISOS-D-1)
  • High Temperature Dark Storage (ISOS-D-2)
  • Damp Heat Storage (ISOS-D-3)
  • Indoor High Temp. Light Soaking (ISOS-L-2)
  • Indoor Humidity Light Soaking (ISOS-L-3)
  • Temperature Cycling Test (ISOS-TC-3)
  • Low Light Testing (ISOS-LL)

*Matthew O. Reese, et al., Consensus stability testing protocols for organic photovoltaic materials and devices, SOL. Energ. Mat. Sol. Cells, doi:10.1016/j.solmat.2011.01.036

Additional services:

  • Testing of small devices (max 7 cm2) in individually controlled atmospheric environments using custom-made atmospheric chambers (controlled levels of Oxygen, Moisture, Heat, and inert atmospheres)
  • Accelerated ageing of polymer films under high intensity light sources and recording of absorption change
  • CLOP additionally offers possibilities for use of its infrastructure (via SOPHIA application (link), training, workshops, and consultancy services


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